Paulo Elias

Worklog: 2020, Week 3. HTML, CSS, JS, oh my!

Things are getting real!

My first on-site interview has been scheduled so the next couple of weeks will be spent preparing and building. After being immersed in React for over 4.5 years it's amazing how rusty you can get with the simplest JavaScript tasks:

  • How do I manage state?
  • Wait, how do I efficiently write UI changes to the DOM?
  • Umm, I can't believe I haven't written plain-old-css in so long (Emotion ftw!)

What I've done this week:

  • Read "Grokking Algorithms".
  • Started brushing up on some UI componentents with plain old HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Started reviewing Frontend Engineering and computer science interview resources I organized last week.

To do next week:

  • Focus on UI components using plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Keep researching frontend engineering algorithms and data structures.
  • Practice DS&A questions.