Paulo Elias

Worklog: 2019, Week 44. Let's build a website

This will be a super quick update since I am in the middle of my site build. After launching my Tailwind + Emotion Gatsby Starter, and updating the readme to add some clearer examples, I got cracking on planning out my own site and even had a chace to start building.

What I've done this week:

  • Gathered sample sites for inspiration
  • Collected a handful open-source Gatsby sites on Github to learn some tips and tricks
  • Planned out the IA and content
  • Gathered links and placeholder content
  • Set up the Github repo
  • Planned out the entire Github Project Board
  • Started building out the site skeleton

To do next week:

  • Install and configiure node packages and gatsby plugins
  • Write content
  • Write sample queries to pull the content I need
  • Wire up a skeleton to pull in content
  • Build out the site components
  • Properly style the site
  • Set up hosting
  • Make sure it's ready to launch
  • Profit? 💰